2022.09.20: Painting process

I was commissioned to paint this photograph of Pea (black and white dog) and Suki. I loved the idea of painting a complete scene. I discussed with the clients to turn the heads of the dogs faces and cut the bench. They were agreeable and sent head shots:

Then I blocked in the parts of the painting. I do this free hand with paint. Very loose, just a guess at this point.

Next blocked in color. It’s never the right color at this point. 

More color and detail:

At this point I was worried about the path, color and the scene didn’t feel settled.

I added several layers of highlights to the path to make it look like gravel. Pea’s eyes weren’t working. Also I added clouds and it felt too cluttered and busy.
I felt discouraged.
I ALWAYS have a phase in a painting where I feel miserable. I just walk away. And have grown to expect I’ll feel frustrated at some point.

I painted the sky over, and also Zakim bridge over and added plants to the path.

Finally the fun part— touch ups and declare it done. 
I am thrilled that the clients love the result. 

2021.09.23: Memoir blues

I spent all day yesterday writing the outline to my memoir. I felt like I was spinning my wheels in a muddy ditch. I was so frustrated getting no where. By the end of the day I changed my entire theme of the book. The new theme shoved the car back on the road. Whew! Feeling like I can get the outline done today.

Spent yesterday outlining my memoir. I hit dead ends and felt the outline was an impossible task. Then I resolved the problem by changing the theme to my story. Whew!