Blog Diary

Welcome! You are such a terrific blog reader! Thanks for showing up!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. So much, that in April I’m going to promote myself from Occupation:Writer to Occupation: Author on my 1040 tax form because I have finally been published.

Even though I was published in a mere web magazine, and I didn’t get paid, and In fact I think I paid them, never the less being published for the first time in my life feels fabulous.

The most exciting perks of being an author are: The number of my Twitter followers has multiplied by four, the total of my Instagram followers is up in the three digits, and I don’t even know who my Facebook friends are – but they continue to give my posts hearts.

I am dizzy with glee that you, my loyal blog fans, are subscribing to me. Me! I’m finally popular after 42 years since I graduated high school. Which means that I am at last the “hot-shot” I dreamed to be. I have squeezed into my old moth-chomped letter-sweater and am dancing around my living room.

Thank you all from the depths of my heart for following my blog.

Please send feedback. My blog entries will always be short and not often. Note the rules to feedback: praise first, insults second, and no cheating.

Thank you!

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